Hello all. I am new to this forum. I just ordered an Eastport Pram kit. Never built a boat before and I have more courage than skill so I'll probably be on here with a bunch of stupid questions! I've completed several products with the assistance of forum experts and YouTube and I look forward to tackling the build. So... Thanks in advance!

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RE: Newb

Hey Irv, welcome to the party!  You'll be able to get lots of info from this great forum.  If it helps, this is my EP build blog.


RE: Newb

   Thanks, CaptainScully! I did check out your blog - beautiful work and great build info! I am building from a kit and can't imagine the problems I'd have starting with plans and plywood like you did! I plan to take my time on the Pram. I'm building it for my granddaughter and our neighborhood pond. She's only 3 and I have a couple projects to complete before I start so I'm aiming at a launch date about a year from now. I will keep up with this forum and your blog for info and advice!

RE: Newb

Thanks, these builds are a lot of fun.  Two great things about starting from a kit.  By Day 1 of your build, you will have a boat shape.  That's unbelievably inspirational.  It took me 20 hours of laying out parts and cutting to get there, so you're way ahead of the game. 

The second thing is that you know you're parts are going to create a beautiful boat.  One reason why I built my EP out of Home Depot plywood was that it was more of a concept/prototype to see if I could build a boat. 

Turns out I could, but I couldn't have afforded the build if I'd used marine grade plywood.  We had just had a baby.  My son is now 4-1/2 and he has had a few really great pirate-themed birthday parties at the lake with his EP.  Don't dilly dally too long getting yours finished.  The sooner you're done, the sooner your granddaughter will be using it.  Good luck!

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