source of rice paper

Anyone have a source of rice paper, preferably 8.5" x 11" to fit in a laser printer, via an online seller or a brick and mortar retailer in the Denver Metro area?  

I want to apply a graphic to my WD12


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RE: source of rice paper

Craft stores typically have the stuff. Try googling "craft stores denver", then searching on the individual store websites.

Rice paper will crinkle and jam if you try to put a sheet through a laser printer, so you have to make a few preparations. First, print out your graphic on normal paper to get it just the way you want it (the darker the better).

Then, using your printout as a guide, cut a piece of rice paper a little bit bigger than your design and tape it to a sheet of blank paper centered on where the printout came out. The blank sheet will act as a support for the rice paper and keep it from crinkling and jamming.

It also helps if on the test pieces you mark which side of the paper was up when you put it in the feeder tray. That way you'll know which side to tape the rice paper to.

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RE: source of rice paper


Any problem with applying my rice paper onlay with light coat of clear epoxy, then rice paper image, wet completely until clear and let dry, before glassing the entire top of kayak?    Or does the fiberglass need to go right on?  


RE: source of rice paper

Does that mean you found some? If so, be kind to other builders near you and say where.

In the meantime, to answer your question, you can wait between applying the rice paper and the glass (I did) but not too long. If you wait until the epoxy is too hard to be dented with a thumbnail, you'll have to sand before applying the glass and that would mar the rice paper. I waited one day.

Have fun,



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