Okoumefest 2019

I just wanted to thank all of the staff at CLC for their fantastic effort over the weekend during Okoumefest.  I drove 7 hours each way with my son to get to the event, and it was worth it all.  We enjoyed Friday's tour and demonstrations, but unfortunately, I didn't win any of those highly chreished and valuable door prizes ;-).  That was the only part of the two days that sucked... maybe next year... fingers crossed....

On Saturday, we were constantly on the water trying out everything from SUP's to kayaks to sliding riggers to the kayak sailrig, stopping only briefly to enjoy lunch from the Truck of Deliciousness which was, well, delicious.  My favorite kayak was the shearwater sport, stable but really easy to move through the water. 

Surprisingly, I was most impressed with the Tenderly dinghy sailboat.  It moves very well, requiring just a slight breeze.  With the xp side tank seating and a simple lug sail, I'd say that's all the boat anyone needs to have a great day on the water.  In fact, we liked the Tenderly so well, we didn't even notice that it was nearly 5:00pm when we headed back to shore.  (Sorry about that!)

Thanks again to everyone for a great outing.  We really appreciated all the effort you put into it and hope to do it again soon.

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RE: Okoumefest 2019

Thanks for a TERRIFIC OkoumeFest 2019! Great weather, nearly a hundred boats on the beach. Here's a quick, early skim through the photos. Official report coming soon.

RE: Okoumefest 2019

   What's the Laszlo award for, the most posts, the most helpful...?

RE: Okoumefest 2019

You know the Joe Liener Award that the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum hands out every year at the Mid-Atlantic Small Craft Festival, the one that recognizes an exceptional, traditionally built boat while honoring former museum volunteer, Joe Liener? It's absolutely nothing like that.

It's a running gag prize that John's given out before the real awards for the last few years. It's a piece of memorabilia, sometimes purpose-made, sometimes found art and once just plain found on the beach. This year the concept was freshened when, for the first time ever, it went to an attendee not named Laszlo, i.e., Dan Thaler.

BigDreams and John are right - this year was an exceptional one. The weather was nearly perfect, there were lots of boats and great people. Our CLC hosts were their usual wonderful selves and I got to meet some of the forum residents for the first time, specifically Howard (hspira) and Eric (Dupont, Eric). As usual, it was great to finally put faces to the names. There were also lots of folks I'd already met, such as Silver Salt, Dan the award winner and too many others to remember.

Thanks again, CLC, and good seeing everyone there. Hope to see you all next year,




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