S+G Night Heron wanted

After paddling several kayaks at Okumefest on Saturday (thank you CLC for a great event), it's clear to me that the S+G Night Heron is the kayak for me.  One problem is that I developed a severe reaction to the epoxy components during a kit build several years ago (not a CLC build) and I'm reluctant to take on the task of building another boat from a kit.

I'm hoping some on this forum would know of a used Night Heron that might be for sale at a fair price.  I'd be looking for a quality build close to CLC weight (40 lbs.) and other specs that performs like the one at Okumefest.  A natural finish, at least of the deck, would also be desirable.

I live in Minnesota but would be willing to travel some distance for the right boat.  Upper Midwest would be nice.  I would really appreciate it if any on the forum can help in my search.

Jim H

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RE: S+G Night Heron wanted

���Check the classifieds section up above. There was one listed for sale a couple months ago that hasn't had any replies. Bummer about the allergic reaction. :(

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