Fillet between rail and hull ?

Took the CLC class for building the Skerry and got it home Saturday.  Last night I started working on filleting between the gaps on the outside hull.  I know epoxy doesn't like sharp corner and we're supposed to round everything off,  what about the space between the rail and the hull outside?  Seems close to a right angle.  Should I fillet under there?


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RE: Fillet between rail and hull ?

I'd do it.

Epoxy is fine with sharp corners, it's the glass that doesn't like it. If you make it bend too sharply, it will pull away.

The advantage of the fillet under the rail is that it eliminates the 90-degree joint. 90-degree joints are stress concentrators. If you push down on the rail, the stress gets concentrated where the bottom of the rail meets the hull because much of the force in the rail is applied to the thin line where the rail meets the hull.

A fillet spreads out that force over a larger area, eliminating the local concentration and letting the rail and hull share resisting the force.

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