Does anyone recognize this design?

I was on a bike ride across the lake from my cabin and I was ecstatic to see a boat  in a carport that I at first thought to be Autumn Leaves. Nobody was home so I couldn't ask about it and I felt too guilty sneaking into the carport to snap more than one quick photo. It looked too me like a slightly larger version of Autumn Leaves. The basic design was a narrow Bolger box. The cabin has two ports so it might be slightly larger than the one on Autumn Leaves. There was a well for a small outboard motor. It appears to have only a single, tall mast.

Here is a link to a photo.

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RE: Does anyone recognize this design?

I'm pretty sure that is a Bay Hen, one of the "Hen" boats (including the diminutive Peep Hen) originally from designer Reuben Trane's Floriday Bay Boatworks.

Oh, the fun we had looking at the quirky ads in the old Small Boat Journal, gone but not forgotten by boat nuts old enough to remember.


RE: Does anyone recognize this design?

   Thanks so much for the info, Michael. Now if I see him on the water (and if I can remember the info), I'll seem to be a very knowing old salt when I hail him and speak about his boat's name and designer. Or maybe I'll forget everything in my moment of excitement. But I am very eager to see his boat on the water this fall.


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