Sanding pre epoxy

-So the hull is upside down, I'm done filleting between the joints. I've filled the gaps I can find.  Of course I was wondering if I was done after sanding the sides and getting it smooth so I googled it, wondering how I know.

Ended up on the brief sanding page here that tells me not to use the sander on it's edge...oops.  Considering I may have put grooves into the hull, what's the best way to correct?

Next mistake, I filetted under the seats when I got home as our teacher told us that was the next step.  Didn't read about the mast partner backing up to the bulkhead before doing that...oops. Now it doesn't fit due to the fillet...any tips on the best way to clear a chunk of the fillet out?

Thanks for your help!


-thought I was done sanding the hull but I'm just beginning


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RE: Sanding pre epoxy

It depends on how deep the grooves are. Worst case, they can be filled in with fairing compound, though that could ruin any plans for a vanished boat. Shallow grooves, scratches really, can be filled in with epoxy.

Dremel, chisel (it'll need sharpening afterwards), rasp, anything like that. Which tool is best depends on the space available and the angles.

Have fun, sanding is the best part of building a boat (I'm lying to make you feel better),



RE: Sanding pre epoxy

Was easier than I thought with a chisel to clear the fillet,not sure on the hull yet will try some views to see if it’s bad or not.   

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