Kaholo 14 deck plate

�I'm laying out the Kaholo 14 kit I just got and realized I have a 6 inch Beckson deck plate. The manual shows layout for a 4 inch deck plate. Anyone know if the 6" is impractical to mount? I got it with the ditty bag so wss thinking bigger ditty is better but failed to consider space between frames and where the screw holes will land. I'm sure I can exchange for smaller but any info is good.

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RE: Kaholo 14 deck plate

   I checked with CLC in the past and I don't think there is a 4" deck plate that has the ditty bag. You may be stuck with the 6" one..

RE: Kaholo 14 deck plate

   I built a Kaholo and love it.  One tip I wish I had done is regarding the air vent. CLC has you drill a hole and use the rubber plug. This seemed a little mickey mouse and I lost it on the first car trip (my fault I'm sure). I saw where somebody else had just drilled a 1/16" hole in the middle of the deck plate for pressure equalization. Then when storing they take the deck plate out completely to let it dry. I really wish I had done this as I now have a 1/2" hole that doesn't look that great. Not very much water would come in the little 1/16' hole..

RE: Kaholo 14 deck plate

I have two plates. On first is in the middle M4 plastic screw with hole and silicone tube. Enough for pressure equalization.

Second plate is similar, it has cable for sonar. Battery is in compartment.




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