My fiberglass is wet!

Embarassed to admit this but my fiberglass got left out in the rain.... It's still in the bag, a little soggy. I'm thinking I'll spread it out and wait for it to dry. Any advice on how to proceed from here?

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RE: My fiberglass is wet!

l wouldn't fret much, particularly as it was still in the bag. Were I dealing with this I'd consider what my observations have been for just how 'dirty' my local rain is.

I'm in farm country so gentle showers routinely leave my car windows soiled slightly. Deluges do a nice job of leaving them pretty clean.

A fresh-water rinse might be worth consideration if your experience is like mine, otherwise just placing the folded glass cloth in a low oven (125-150°F) with the door cracked for 12-24 hours ought to serve to dry it nicely.

Draping unfolded 'cloth over a clothesline could lead to problems with snags & pulls which I'd try to avoid.

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