When to cut the bulkheads

�I have a question about when to cut the bulkheads on my jimmy skiff II build. The manual shows glassing the floor in sections, then cutting the two bulkheads in the middle. This leaves a little threshold strip that lm thinking will never go away. The video in YouTube shows the bulkheads getting cut after the seams are glassed with the 3" strips, the floor gets done in one big PC and fwd section gets done on it's own. I like the idea of no seams in my floor but maybe I'm biting off more than I can chew here. A lil feedback on this would be much appreciated. I'm going down to Annapolis Saturday but I wanted to know how some of you builders handled this. Thanks!

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RE: When to cut the bulkheads

   Did you find out when you went to Annapolis?  I've found the CLC sequence of instructions are accurate and when it comes to looks, they consider this.  If you're worried about fiberglass seams, those disappear pretty well.

RE: When to cut the bulkheads

���I did find out when I we y down to Annapolis for the open house. If you want to glass the floor all in one shot then cut the bulkheads after all of your seams are glassed, no worries. They told me sometimes the on site sequencing sometimes changes things up to get the boat to the finishing stage in such a short time. The place and people there were awesome. Thanks for asking, sorry took so long to reply Seab

RE: When to cut the bulkheads

���Got a general question. When I glass the deck, how high should I go up the sides? Past the edges of the 3" corner glass, or cut to fit before hitting the top edge? Thanks, Sean

RE: When to cut the bulkheads

You can run it as high as you want, but you need to be careful and do some prep work before you apply it. Putting glass cloth right on top of glass tape could lead to bubbles and voids where the cloth overlaps the tape's edges. So before you apply the cloth, be sure to remove the selvedge (the stitching along the edge of the tape) and sand both edges to smooth and feather them into the wood.

The easiest way I've found to remove the selvedge is with a scraper, but if you don't have one of those sanding works fine, it's just slower.

Another way to make life easier is put 2" packing tape onto the sides where you want the glass to stop. The glass won't stick to the packing tape and you can peel and tear the excess off, leaving a clean edge that can be quickly smoothed with a touch of sandpaper when it's finished curing. The glass will need to be at the green stage - soft and rubbery but not tacky -  for this to work,


RE: When to cut the bulkheads

Thanks Laszlo,

That edge was what I was thinking about. I really appreciate the quick answer( and proper nomenclature!) I hope you have a great New Year, talk to you in 2020!


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