decals on a painted deck

I'm thinking of getting a rice paper laminate print made of my wife's alma mater logo to go on the deck of her board.  The problem is that I'm going to be painting the deck (was going to varnish over the stained deck, but I f----ed up enough things that I'm going to paint it over).  I know the print normally goes under the glass.  I assume if I do that, I'd need to mask over the print and paint around it, then varnish the spot w/ the artwork.  Sounds fiddly to me.  Any options?

BTW, I found a couple of places on line like that print custom graphics for boards pretty cheap, like $40 for 3' x 1' sheet with color graphics.  That'd be enough to print 3 copies of what I want.

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RE: decals on a painted deck

When we had our Menger 19 catboat build in 2003, we couldn't bear the idea of using hardware store block letters to display the required registration numbers, so I had a local sign maker create an appliqué with gold letters with black borders, which turned out pretty well, we thought:

...and still looking good 17 seasons later.

Each side came as one sheet and was pretty easy to apply: just peel off the backing, line up, press down, carefully pull off the part around the individual letter cutouts, then press out any air bubbles remaining.

In trying to do this photo, I noticed that tinypic is now dead.  Wonder if that means all of the other photos posted here using tinypic as shown in the forum instructions will now be missing?  Did this one using my own dropbox account.  Wonder if that will disappear when I do?  Not that I'll be around to notice.... <:-)



RE: decals on a painted deck

If it were my project, I'd paint it two-tone in the colors of your wife's school, and add a couple of stickers from the school.     

RE: decals on a painted deck

   Yep, auto sticker is the plan B. Every college bookstore has those.

For my skerry's name (Mummichog), I went with the custom vinyl lettering, from Boat U.S. in my case, and it turned out quite nicely.  CLC has some nice ones, but I got a member's sale.

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