tinypic is dead...long live...oops!

Well, I just confirmed that photos I previously posted using free tinypic are now dead, as in this message:


If you go to tinypic.com, you'll get this:

TinyPic Has Ceased Operations

Due to an inability to support a high-quality free digital service that derives 100% of its revenue from ever declining on-site revenues, TinyPic has shut down its operations. As previously announced on this website, September 16, 2019 was the last day for our users to access their accounts to download their images.

What Should You Do Now?

We recommend checking out our sister company, Photobucket, for image hosting. They are currently offering an unlimited image hosting and storage plan for $5 per month (regularly priced at $11.99 per month). We would like to personally thank you for choosing TinyPic as your hosting service. Many of you have been utilizing our services since we launched back in April 2004.

Just like that...POOF!  Well, "all good things must come to an end," as my mother was wont to remind us.  It's not like we thought we were creating timeless literature for the ages here, you think?  <;-)



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RE: tinypic is dead...long live...oops!

A couple of years ago I switched to Flickr when Google Pictures shut down.  I beleive that you can host 1000 pictures for free but I went ahead and paid for unlimited hosting.  I am happy with their service.  It is very easy to share pictures from there either on web sites like this or on FB.


RE: tinypic is dead...long live...oops!

It'll be interesting to see what survives when CLC updates their website again. The old one ended April 2nd, 2008 and while an effort was made to archive the original forum, (it's at https://www.clcboats.com/modules/forum/archive-index.php), it hasn't been the most comfortable search environment. I hope that when the next iteration of the website inevitably arrives that the archived fora are more seamlessly integrated.

As far as tinypic and other hosting solutions go, I registered my own domain and use that as my image hosting solution. Not only do I not have to worry about it going away, but there are no weird coded obfuscated URLs for the images.



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