Epoxy bubbles?

I got through my second coat on the interior of the skerry,  it's looking a lot more glassy but where it should probably be completely smooth if I rub my hand over it I feel little bumps spread out everywhere. 


Tried a pic but it's a little difficult to make them out.  Real obvious when rubbing my hand over it.  Is this from it possibly getting hotter after I epoxied?  Im surprised if so, I did it at 9 PM and cranked the exhaust fan.  It always gets colder at night here. I'm sanding tonight an hoping to apply epoxy tomorrow.  It should be pretty cool this week with temps in the 60s though the sun heats my garage until about 7 pm.  Any thoughts?


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RE: Epoxy bubbles?

   Here's one zoomed out a bit more


RE: Epoxy bubbles?

���Looks like outgassing to me. I found the key was to have everything really nice and warm for a good length of time before applying (maybe half a day) and then let temperatures fall. I had issues when things were effectively still warming up when the epoxy was applied and hot this appearance on my deck. You have to look v closely to see them though so not something others will notice!

RE: Epoxy bubbles?

   Had a similar issue. Out gassing or tiny fish eyes I'd say after much research.

are they raised or indented? I think mine were fish eyes since I followed all temperature requirements when I epoxied. I think my mistake was not thorough cleaning between coats. Fish eyes are caused by a contaminant. Could be a speck of dust. When epoxy doesn't like something (contaminants) it moves away causing a crater. Are you painting or not? Mine were indented so thorough use of scotch brite on them to kill the shine and they'll fill with either fairing or primer. Haven't gotten there yet but don't see a problem. Think they will disappear completely. On the other hand if you're not painting IDK. No experience there


RE: Epoxy bubbles?

   I cleaned the whole interior with alcohol before applying but maybe my stepping around raised dust or something.  They are outward, they feel like tiny bumps not indents.  We got the PNW clouds back today so I think the temp should be pretty steady today ( high of 66 at 7 pm...plan to epoxy around 8).  Thinking maybeI should wash my clothes as they are covered in dust also from sanding.

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