Is one coat of epoxy enough?

I'm about halfway through my Jimmy Skiff II build and am running low on epoxy.  Is a single coat of epoxy enough to safely seal the interior surfaces of the air tanks?  I figure these surfaces won't be exposed to UV or wear, but I expect the interior of the tanks to eventually be exposed to water, or at least moisture, and worry about staining or rot.  Thanks!



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RE: Is one coat of epoxy enough?

Because of the way you phrase the quesstion, I'm pretty sure you already know the answer. Interior tanks, difficult to inspect, difficult to repair, one coat of epoxy? No way. There is too much risk of missing a patch or two, and some risk of the wood soaking up a thin coat and still being vulnerable to moisture. I think you need at least two coats, preferably three. . . . But the nice thing about being the builder is that, if you say one coat is enough, then one coat is enough!   

RE: Is one coat of epoxy enough?

   If you are building from one of the kits, my experience is that the supplied epoxy is only enough if you are very efficient with your measuring, mixing, and application.  I've bought extra epoxy for all 3 kits I've built.  And all 3 are heavier than the specified weight, so I didn't just waste epoxy in the trash (some of that) or sand it all off (some of that too).  For better or worse, the epoxy is on the boat!  It's worth the extra money.

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