"Peapod" Kayak

So....  I attended an Okoumefest in 2014 (among others) where I saw this cute little single kayak/canoe that literally looked just like a peapod made of plywood.  Does anyone remember this boat and know the design and/or where you can get plans for it?  I think you can see the boat being paddled by someone in a light blue shirt and hat in the middle of the picture:



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RE: "Peapod" Kayak

   wow...what an interesting craft.  i took the liberty of blowing up your picture and reposting it to make it clear the boat you are talking about.  there are actually two of them in the picture....but i enlarged the one that has the best view.   i have never seen that craft before.   bet laszlo knows the answer.

RE: "Peapod" Kayak

found it:


its called a 'little dubber'.  information at the link above.



RE: "Peapod" Kayak

   Oh my goodness!  Yes!  That is it.  Thank you so much!

RE: "Peapod" Kayak

Howard beat me to it. I remember seeing it at at least one O-fest, possibly more. It reminded me of a wooden shoe :-) I also have a vague memory of it winning some kind of award.



RE: "Peapod" Kayak

   Thanks guys.  I contacted Peter today for the plans.

RE: "Peapod" Kayak

   What a fascinating picture! You've got two cute little Dubbers -- with rudders to keep them from spinning like toy tops. A guy passed out prone on a paddleboard. A black and white "stealth" kayak that doesn't seem to need a paddle. And finally some kind of complicated kayak rescue/resurrection in the background!

RE: "Peapod" Kayak

   Thanks for providing a piece of good information for my kayak trip event. 

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