Mill Creek 16.5 bulkheads

I wired the bulkheads in place yesterday and the aft one is a terrible fit as it was supplied in the kit. I had to do some trimming of the forward bulkhead but the aft one took some serious wood removal off the sides to get it to fit. Finally ended up with it sitting about half an inch off the bottom so there is a huge gap to fillet. Is this normal? 

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RE: Mill Creek 16.5 bulkheads

it's hard to tell without a picture.  so learning how to post a phot would be helpful.

depending on the boat, some of the supplied bulkheads can be pretty off.  on some other designs, a poor fitting bulkhead may indicate that something else is not as expected.  at a 1/2 are kinda getting in that zone of not sure if there is not some other issue.

you can upload a picture from a phone to this website (free) and then paste a link into this forum so you can share pictures.  .  the next link gives more instructions

anyway, i would noodle this one a bit with a 1/2" gap.


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