CLC’s Waterlust Stability Option

Early yesterday I got word that there'd be news of project Dillon's been toiling over for adding a 'training wheels' stability add-on to his Waterlust expedition canoe design from 2016. A rendering had quietly appeared on the Waterlust's page in the row of gallery images, a teaser for cert!

A bit later another Waterlust builder texted me that the goods were real and had appeared with full details and pricing on the CLC Waterlust page!

I've been waiting for this while my build's in stasis, hung from garage ceiling for our winter here (it's 0 here this AM, Polar Vortex rolled in last night after dropping 2" of new powder). Glad to see Dillon's latest art form too, the build manual accompanying the kit they've come up with too!




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