Wonder if John's ever considered  a designing a houseboat , something  along the lines of the teardrop camper designed to drop onto pontoons 

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RE: Houseboat

Well, there's this shantyboat: the "Sketchbook".  There was also a "motorized shantyboat": Johns blog piece on ideas for "The (Unending) Search for the Bigger PocketShip" here:

...both probably bigger than what you are imagining, but they show that such notions do rattle around in John's head from time to time.

.....MIc hael

RE: Houseboat

From the CLC Teardrop Camper FAQ:

Couldn't this be turned into a boat somehow?  Mounted on floats, or a raft, or something?

Google "Shanty Boat" for a far better selection of small floating homes. This is a machine for the highway. Carry your boat on the roof racks.

Some CLC concepts for a shantyboat:

Dillon's version

John's version



RE: Houseboat

Gramps snuck in while I was searching, cutting and pasting. The pictures are from the links he's provided.


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