Passagemaker Tips

I completed my first CLC boat, a CH17, a couple of years ago fter a four yer on and off again process (medical issues, parttime stays where the boat was located, etc.).  While the result was far from perfect, it met both the 20 ft. and spousal tests and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Since then I have been obsessing about what to build  next.  My goal has been to build a sailing ng dinghy I can launch and retrieve from a somewhat gravelly beach, pretty much single handed and leave on the beach during the season (on eastern Long Island)) but one that would hold some weight.  I finally decided on the Passagemaker which seemed to involve the best all around solution for me.  The boat will be delivered Tuesday.  While I have skimmed quickly thru the manual that was made available in advance, I am wondering, before I get started, whether there is anything in particular I should pay particular attention  to or where the instructions might lead me astray.  Thanks for anyadvice and insights.


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