Planing sheer clamps: Radius guides for Mill Creek 16.5

I'm not at this step yet, but looking ahead... 

The MC 16.5 manual says use the 24" radius planing guide for sheer clamps from stem to forward bulkhead.  Use 30" radius guide from forward knees to stern.  Plane rolling bevels in between these two areas.  

Two things don't make sense to me here:

1) Deck beam, which is aft of the forward bulkhead appears to have a 24" radius.  Shouldn't we plane with the 24" guide at least as far as the dedk beam?  I'd expect the sheer clamp bevel to make sense if it flowed smoothly from the deck beam, with the same radius.  Am I overthinking this?  Are the instructions wrong?

2)  The 30" radius guide doesn't reach across the boat for much of the length we're told to use it on.  I can easily cut another, longer one, from the lovely heavy corrugated the kit came in, but I'd like to know if I'm missing something (as usual) or if the tool as shipped really isn't up to the job!

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RE: Planing sheer clamps: Radius guides for Mill Creek 16.5

   Talked to CLC tech support, so I'm answering my own questions here:

1)  Probably some anomaly in the documentation - if the deck beam is 24" radius, the 24" radius planing will extend that far.

2)  CLC only produces one length of 30" radius guide - it is 27" long.  Not nearly long enough for the MC 16.5 midsection (33" at the temporary beam stick).  I'll make my own radius tool. 

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