Bulkhead proud of shear panel: fitting foredeck

Setting out to plane the shear clamps on my MC16.5 to proper radius, I see the forward bulkhead is somewhat proud (<3/16”) of the top of the shear panel, where the radius should lie, as I understand it.   Planing the shear clamps won't be enough to get the deck to lie properly.  FWIW, the other installed curves (deck beam, rear bulkhead) look just right.

I’m thinking I need to draw the curve on the bulkhead and cut it down to get a good foredeck fit, but this seems like somewhat fussier engineering than I was expecting at this stage!  

What do you think?  

Anybody run into this situation? 

What suggestions for approaches to removing ~3/16” of bulkhead that’s already in place?

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RE: Bulkhead proud of shear panel: fitting foredeck

   Yes that should definitely be paid some attention. I experienced the same on my MC 13 build. Not sure of the cure pre decking since I only noticed it after putting the deck on. A noticeable bulge of the bulkhead protruding the deck. I actually faired and painted the deck to make it less noticeable .


Not to diminish the accomplishments of any of these builders since I made the mistake myself but check all the photos of all the MC13 and 16s. Look closely you'll notice it in a few.

This is mine that's not a shadow you see it's the bulkhead. Wouldn't bother most but it bothered me.


Good luck with the build PP

RE: Bulkhead proud of shear panel: fitting foredeck

PP - Thanks!  I certainly want to address this before the deck goes on.

I guess I'll plane the shear clamps, use the radius guide to draw a line on the bulkhead, and then gaze at it while mulling my cutting & smoothing strategy options. 

And then go to work!


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