Wrinkled fiberglass

So I've glassed my WD14 a few nights ago and thought it went well. It was nice and coolish in the basement, kids were in bed and the house was quiet. Everything went well until the epoxy in my mixing cup started to kick. I mixed up too much and poured too slowly. Even pouring it into a shallow rolling pan didn't slow things up. Needless to say the batch was ruined and my concentration shaken. The fore end of my boat is perfect, but there is a patch behind the aft bulkhead where there are a few wrinkles. I suppose that I was worried that the next batch would kick and in my haste I pulled the epoxy towards the center rather than away from the center 9 of the boat. Regardless, it's done and now I'm trying to fix it. Do I sand through the wrinkles or just live with it? Either way I am still going to bright finish this boat.

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RE: Wrinkled fiberglass

for me, if i have a wrinkle that i don't want, i just sand i smooth.  i don't really sweat it if i end up cutting through the cloth.

the most important thing is that the wood is encapsulated in epoxy so if in sanding the wrinkle out you get down to bare wood, you have to add back some epoxy or add a glass patch.


RE: Wrinkled fiberglass

   Thanks h, that's more or less what I'd been thinking, but I wanted to be sure before I got myself in too deep.

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