Chester Yawl second footbrace

Hi folks,

I just unwrapped the "kit" that I ordered for the second seat and footbrace for the CY that I built last year. The seat/stool is the same as the orginal - just need to nail down some brass brads (not included in kit).

The second footstool is a different shape from the original.

  • There are fewer notches, tabs, and nailholes indicating how the pieces line up.
  • The three images that constitute the assembly directions show how the ORIGINAL footstool fits together - not this version.

Any suggestions on where the hourglass-shaped brace should be positioned? Clearly at the base between the two "legs". But should it be in the middle or near one end - if so, which end?

Many thanks,




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RE: Chester Yawl second footbrace

   I have it in the middle, but I guess having it towards the aft end of the boat is fine, too. I would not place it next to the floorboard notches as I think it looks not so good.

RE: Chester Yawl second footbrace

Thank you for your reply.

So the best you can tell, there is no "best way" - and you just put it where you think it should go?


RE: Chester Yawl second footbrace

   Well, I thought about it before placing it, but I could not find any relevant failure mode. I am happy to be taught a better, but 10 years of being an engineer gave me confidence about my process and decision. May I ask, what are you concerned about?

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