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Hi All. I am slowly progresing on the  hull build of my PM and am up to installing the bow transom, which is proving very challenging.  I have tried several approaches - wiring first  from the bottom of the hull and then first from the  top sides of the hull but in both cases I'm  having a great deal of difficulty in getting the transom aligned properly and with some modest extension of the hull and bottom.  In addition, the wire holes for wiring the lowest side panels to the bottom line up exactly in line with the holes to wire the transom to the bottom and I'm not sure of the correct.workaround for that.  (should the bottom of the transom go just inside the wire holes?  If outside then the bottom seems to extend slightly beyond the hull bottom). I am also unclear what the correct angle from verticle the transom should be and how tightly the top hull piece should fit to the top of the transom.  I understand I can hide some slightly off contacts with epoxy but I  would like to start with the best shot I can give it.  Any suggestions/tips would be greatly appreciated.



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RE: Passagemaker Bow Transom

My recollection, from August of 2014, was that we had to do quite a bit of fiddling and giggling to reduce the gaps around the bow transom.  Some of the photos from the day we wired her up to form a "boat shaped object" (gloriously happy day) show significant gaps, as you describe, earlier in the day, which gaps were then mostly eliminated by the end of the session.

It may be that the best thing is not to wire up the planks too firmly to start, giving yourself some wiggle room (literally) as you fit in the transoms before going around to tighten everything up.

You also want to make sure you haven't introduced any twist into her before you glue her up.  A bit of careful work with tape measures, string, plumb lines, and eyeballs from multiple angles will help you jiggle out any untrueness before it's too late.

Have patience, and let the lapstitch business work its magic.


RE: Passagemaker Bow Transom

 After several attempts at dewiring and rewiring the frontthird of the boat, lots of jiggling, employing six hands and suffering multiple wire punctures, Ihve finlly managed to siginificanly reduce, but not eliminate, muchof the gap.  In addition, Ihad to drill two holes in the bottom of the bot so that I could wire the trnsom thru the bottom to prevent it from "flipping up" as i wired the transom to the hull planks.  My big question now is how big a gap is liveable - the widest seems to be about .3in.  I don't forsee completely elimanting the gaps though I am not sure of the protocol for dealing with them.  I would like to attach pics but seem to be failing at that.  As always, any advice would be much appreciated.


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