Creature comfort install question

 Ok, finally on to the outfitting steps after a long few weeks at work put me very much behind schedule. How far forward from the aft bulkhead does the creature comfort seat get mounted? Wood Duck 14.

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RE: Creature comfort install question

That depends on paddler weight, boat loading, etc. so I make my CC seat  installations adjustable. Since paddler weight is what basically holds it in place while the velcro stabilizes it, it's possible to move it forward and back on the velcro to achieve good balance and a comfortable  position. That setup also llets me easily move the pricey seat among multiple boats.

I attached adjustable length straps to the back so that I can change the angle and amount of support based on the seat position and how my back is feeling that day.

Back view (in another boat) showing how the straps are attached to the seat.

I like to initially start with the seat about 4" in front of the bulkhead, then after some paddling move it to where it's the most comfortable and the boat rides the best.

You can use the CLC ad copy picture to make the first approximation. Once you get it figured out you can mark the seat position with a sharpie or tape or whatever for next time.



RE: Creature comfort install question

   Thank you once again Laszlo for your insight and advice.

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