poor service

Has anyone else had a problem getting an order shipped?  My boat came almost 2 weeks ago without the epoxy.  I called and was told epoxy would arrive within 2 days.  Over a  week later....I see my order has been cancelled for some reason and nothing show as being shipped.

I plan on calling on Monday and if not satified it will be time to ask bank to rebuke payment




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RE: poor service

Just looked back at my history, I've made over 30 orders over the past 20 some years and have not had the problem you describe. Their customer service is usually spot on. Call 'em tomorrow morning and I'm sure it'll get straightened out. 

George K

RE: poor service

Definitely call CLC before revoking payment. Usually their service is excellent (I've been a customer for over 20 years) and when it isn't they will do what it takes to  fix it.

Thanks to COVID there are supply chain and shipping issues in every industry. It's probably something like that. CLC cuts and packs the wood for the kits and that's the part you received. Epoxy has to come from other manufacturers who may be having problems (MAS was having troubles fulfilling orders earlier in the year) and they come via shipping companies that are overwhelmed by volume because of all the home deliveries.


RE: poor service

   Been a customer over 20 years and 17 boats. No issues with customer service. Has everything been perfect? No. But need a failure to address a problem that I brought to their attention. Call them on Monday. H

RE: poor service

   Never a failure to address a problem.

RE: poor service

Do you have a tracking number?

As frustrating as it is for you with your first foray into this pastime, please give CLC the benefit of doubt over the delayed delivery of your stuff.

These days it's still not the 'business as usual' we could take for granted before 2020.

And CLC's not Amazon, they don't have their own fleet of delivery folks.

Be patient, please don't let this hiccup start you off on a bad tack.

RE: poor service




   I wouldn't get too bent out of shape over this if you can avoid it. I work at a hardware store and can tell you, supply of a lot of items has been very frustrating to say the least. We sell paint for example. The grid failure in Texas really effected the supply of paint and likely your epoxy as well. We were warned by our paint suppliers to expect shortages by August, things got scarce by June. At some point, oddball products became hard to find as production was shifted to focus on catching up with the bigger selling products. Paint is a tough one for us. We work with contractors and our policy is to be straight forward with them if there's any doubt about availability. We simply tell them we don't know when it's arriving, make daily calls to our suppliers and if need be try to find an alternative. For other things less pressing, we take orders for items that our wharehouse expects by a given date, make the customer aware of what's going on and hope for the best. Plenty of items simply aren't being replenished.

Any rate, there's a lot of that going on. Under those circumstances, it's not impossible for an order to wind up canceled as something goes on back order. I would suggest being cool about it, offer them the information that you noticed the status of your order changed to cancelled, they might not be aware of that and would appreciate you working with them effectively. I'm not kidding when I tell you, it can take a hell of a lot of time and energy to keep certain key products available these days and things do fall through the cracks.  Be cool about it and I'm sure they will do their best. 





RE: poor service

I concur with what you're indicating Anodyne36, as I too work in a hardware store.

Availability of steel (to make all kinds of things) and cardboard (to pack everything for shipping) remain in short supply, but it's better now than last year.

PVC pipe was virtually unobtainable three months back, and we're just now beginning to see orders coming in for various lubrication fluids showing up.

Hurricane Ida's going to make it tough on suppliers now as well, besides what they're already having to deal with.

Last couple of weeks we're seeing prices for lumber beginning to recede a bit.

Saltirose indicated last week (in the thread I started for follow-up on his initial query) that the epoxy order'd been delivered so progress is being made there.

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