Poor Service: Follow-up?

Since getting my eyes turned to CLC six years ago I've placed all of 10 orders. Nary a ripple with any of 'em for reasonably prompt delivery.

Saltirose did you get in touch with CLC about your frustration? Any further word from them as to what may have transpired?

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RE: Poor Service: Follow-up?


Things are straigten out.  Order showed cancelled.  But it was shipped and I never got a tracker number.  Expoy arrived  almost 2 weeks after boat.  So now I can start my adventure.....scary..but excited.


I did notice at first quick set up the jigsaw fittings are not perfect.  Will need to do some sanding to make them fit....



RE: Poor Service: Follow-up?

OK good. Glad you've got what you need to begin now. Frustrating as it must have been for the stuff you'd ordered to arrive, now that it's all in front of you don't try to make up for the lost time by hurrying to complete necessary steps of your build in a proper sequence.

As for the puzzle joints? Yes, that was true with mine also when I started my build. Plywood doesn't machine as cleanly as does a homogenous material like many plastics. I found that a small chainsaw-sharpening file worked better than sandpaper to clean up the fuzzy 'wire edges' before I attempted dry assembly of them. A round file may also help adjust the fit of the edges of p'joints but go slow if you do!

A snug fit is desired but remember too once you've coated the edges with unthickened epoxy (so that the open wood grain becomes saturated) then added thickened epoxy for the actual bonding (thickeners like wood flour or silica keep the epoxy in place until it cures; the unthickened pre-coat prevents the wood grain from drawing epoxy out of the joint) the joint is lubricated, will slide together more easily than when dry.

I heartily recommend setting up puzzle-jointing operations so that you put everything together dry first, with whatever you have at hand that will keep the panels being joined flat at the joint once you've applied epoxy then fitted them together. Go through the whole set-up so you know what goes where and have everything ready & waiting, then take it all apart to begin applying epoxy.

And feel free to ask questions if you don't find answers in videos here that explain various aspects of stitch & glue building.

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