Tour de Wood 2021

Tour de Wood 2021
3 Wood Kayaks
4 Races
9 Days
75 miles paddled
2200 miles driven

So, there is not really an event called “Tour de Wood.”  Me and Capt Morgan invented this little adventure while sitting by the pool during lockdown.

The idea was to paddle a different wooden kayak in each of the three classes at the United States Canoe Association Nationals in Warren PA.  Then we found a race in Knoxville the weekend before Nationals, so it became an adventure.

First up was The Knoxville Three Rivers Regatta, a 24-mile race on the Tennessee, Holston, and French Broad Rivers.  It was really fun except for the miles 16-18 where we had to paddle against a 2-mph current.  That really sucked.  Taking first in the Fast Sea Kayak Division did not suck.

The Nationals course was 12.5 miles on the beautiful Allegheny River from Kinzua Dam down to the “city” of Warren.  Lots of rocks, shallow water, current, bald eagles and a set of rapids.  Wednesday I scouted the river in my heavily built Wahoo.  Friday was Touring Class in the Mystery, Saturday was Sea Kayak Class in the Yukon, and Sunday was Unlimited Class in the Spindrift.  Lots of fast paddlers including those sponsored by Epic and Stellar, so I was happy with my middle of the pack finishes overall.  In my age grouping, I took 4th, 2nd and 3rd respectively. 

I think there will be a Tour de Wood 2022, but I have to talk with Capt Morgan first.

Before the TRR in Knoxville

Yukon at TRR.  Some crappy football team plays there.


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RE: Tour de Wood 2021

Sorry, hit the post button by accident.  More pictures:

Yukon entering Flame Rapids


Spindrift before start

Spindrinft in Flame Rapids



In a few days, I will be posting an update regarding performance of the various designs.

RE: Tour de Wood 2021

   Did you hit any rocks in the rapids? I'd take my Shearwater Sport on the Norfork and the Buffalo near me, but the Ozarks have plenty of sharp limestone. So far, I have been keeping my wood boats on the lake and using the plastic ones on the rivers. But I do think I would probably be OK with the wood boats on the rivers in most conditions.

RE: Tour de Wood 2021

No rocks thanks goodness, although my paddle hit a few.  The Army Corps of Engineers increased the release from the dam to provide sufficient depth for the races.     

RE: Tour de Wood 2021

Hi Mark, 

thanks for sharing....very cool.  congratulations on the accomplishment.


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