Passagemaker Bow Transom

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RE: Passagemaker Bow Transom

  I am so sorry - somehow the pictures got posted before I could enter the message. Following up on earlier posts, this (previous post)is what the transom looks like tightened as much as I am able to.  Is the gap too big?  It's about .3 in at the widest.  If I can't reduce it further, which I doubt, what is the best way to fill it?   Thanks.


RE: Passagemaker Bow Transom

First off, it's on backwards.  The doubler part goes on the inside.  Mine was difficult to get fitted, if I remember corectly.  I think I ended up tacking the bottom in place, and then slowly working my way up the sides.  I also ended up having to file away at the corners on the transom, where the top of the planks go.  It doesn't need to be absolutely perfect, but 1/4 inch will be pretty visible on a varnished boat.

RE: Passagemaker Bow Transom

   Thanks.  Pretty stupid of me.  I did have the doubler on the inside the first few iterations - I guess fatigue and myopia took control - or I could blame my son-in-law who was helping.  Will try one more time.

RE: Passagemaker Bow Transom

   I just finished stitching a ultralight eastport pram, and it has a very similar bow transom.  You will have a large gap on inside of boat, but with some work you should be able to get the outside perfectly tight alond planks.  The gap on inside get filled with fillet material.


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