New Skerry launched

Figured I would celebrate finishing my boat a few weeks ago here

Some pics below



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RE: New Skerry launched

   AWESOME, and congratulations!

I had intended my first trip with my skerry to be in commencement bay but we moved. Looks like a beautiful day with the mountain out.

RE: New Skerry launched


I have a question about the spacered inwhales, as I am about to order them for my dory. What size clamps did you use? Do 6" bar clamps have enough room or do I need 12" clamps. 


RE: New Skerry launched

   Pretty sure I mostly used 4" C Clamps..anything bigger than that is fine but the only thing I would change is not buying metal clamps because they indent the mahogany if you overtighten.  If you have padded clamps use those.

RE: New Skerry launched

   4" should do fine, I picked up a gaggle of them at a garage sale(well, 4"bar clamps, but yeah) I placed little wooden spacers to protect from indentation so I could wrench down with abandon.

The Skerry looks REALLY nice with inwales, it was well worth the time and effort. As a bonus I have found them very helpful in sailing as I can wrap and tie just about anything to them.

RE: New Skerry launched

Very nice!  Congratulations.  I am hoping to have my NED finished this month.  I love the name and the graphic, nice touch.  How do you like the padded floor?  I am considering this, but may give it a try without first.

As far as the question on clamp size for the spacered inwhales, I am using a mix of 12" and 6" bar clamps and  6 inch c-clamps.  The c clamps and 12" bar clamps I had (borrowed from neighbors...), but I needed about 12 more!  So I just purchased the 6" bar clamps from harbor frieght, they seemed to be the least expensive around.  I did purchase a couple of 4" ratcheting clamps from there, but found they did not work, they were too flimsy for the job so went with the bar clamps.  The padding on the bar clamps comes off easily, but solved with some glue.   

RE: New Skerry launched

Some more pics of the inwales and construction since there is interest







RE: New Skerry launched

   Regarding the floorboards: I have little kids I didn't want slipping and falling was one reason, I put them down and honestly they just felt good on my bare feet. The other is you're sitting on the floor in this thing whever sailing.  I have a seat cushion also I've been trying to use but it's sort of annoying when tacking and repositioning to keep the boat balanced (If you want to tack you gotta use your weight this thing blows back over real easy).

Getting more comfortable is an issue under sail for longer periods.  Leaning on the side making the boat tilt into the wind and if you're on a starboard tack the way the tiller is setup you can't lean on the starboard side so sorta position yourself into the middle to keep it balanced. Redoing the tiller is a thought I've had more than once.  

RE: New Skerry launched


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