Shearwater 17 hybrid underside of deck

I will soon be removing the deck on the Shearwater 17 hybrid I am building so I can can sand the underside of the deck prior to fiberglassing.  My manual does not suggest a skim coat. I was thinking possibly of putting one on to prevent outgassing from the wood during fiberglassing.  I welcome opinions on this.


A second question..... the manual instructs to add peanut butter on the underside where the strips bump into the cockpit coating, as the strips are thicker than the plywood.  I understand this and plan to do so.  The manual also says to then put the fiberglass in place before the peanut butter sets up to get good adhesion to the fiberglass.  My concern with doing this is that by pushing the fiberglass into the peanut button I will create some uneven surfaces and maybe some sharp edges that I might contact with my legs when sitting in the kayak.  I know I can sand this area after glassing but might also sand through the glass as I try to get a smooth surface.  Any disadvantage to applying the peanut butter, letting it set up, sand it smooth, and then apply the fiberglass/epoxy?


Thanks in advance for your feedback.


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RE: Shearwater 17 hybrid underside of deck

   on your first question.  skim coat.  i happen to like them.   but i think preventing of outgassing is not the main reason.   

to prevent outgassing, always work when the temperature is declining on a big glass section like the hulls or deck skinning.  

the main reason for the skim coat, in my book, is i have already applied epoxy and let the wood absorb it so i don't have to worry about dry spots developing in the glass when i do my glassing becuase the wood is wicking aways the epoxy from the has already been fed its eppxy.   i will also have several less cups of epoxy to apply then (becuase they were applied as part of the skim coat), so i can wet out the glass faster and more efficiently becuase i am dealing with less epoxy.....which is important when you are doing big sections..  

on your second question, i have done it both ways.  the most important thing is to make smooth fillets.  if you make smooth fillets,   it is easy and not a problem if you wait until the fillet is cured....if you are bad at fillets, its really hard to put glass over it.  frankly, bad filleting just makes it very tough to get nice work regardless of weather you wait or not.

obviously, to do it while the fillet is a bit soft requires some organization to get the timing right....and that takes some extra attention.  but you can do them seperately with no negative effect.....just make sure to rough it up with 80 grit sanpaper and wipe down with denatured alcohol.  i would also try to stay within 24 hours even when its hard...its still curing in the first day.

hhope that helps


RE: Shearwater 17 hybrid underside of deck

Thanks h!

I will do a skim coat and be careful to have neat fillets.  I will also work in declining temperatures.


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