polishing last coat of paint

Should the last coat of paint (Brightsides) on the hull be polished/buffed or wetsanded with extra fine grit, or just left alone?

Thank you for any advice.

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RE: polishing last coat of paint

i would leave it alone.

properly applied, it will not be improved by polishing.

you also want to be careful about applying polishes or waxes to boats like this becuase, if you need to do a repair, the polish will create an incompatibility with new paint and/or epoxy....so it will have to be sanded off or otherwise removed to get the repair materials to bond to anything that had polish applied to it....which is a big hassle for no significant return.



RE: polishing last coat of paint

Thank you h. That makes is easier.   

RE: polishing last coat of paint


Brightside is glossy enough on its own and does need polishing or buffing.

That being said, if you do choose to, you should wait a few weeks until the one-part polyurethane chemestry has had enough time to complete working its magic. I buffed the sides of my Peeler Skiff with polishing compound and an automotive buffer. It looked like gel-coat and has lasted for 7 years on a saltwater mooring with an annual waxing. I'll probably sand and repaint over this winter.



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