A summer of sailing my Jimmy Skiff II

Last winter I built a Jimmy skiff II from a kit.  I also purchased and completed the sailing kit.  It was challenging and fun!  Lots of mistakes but none fatal.  I launched and have little Cloud at my lake cottage in NH and have been sailing all summer.

While I don't have much experience as a builder, I have been sailing all my life.  I thought a few observations about sailing Cloud might interest others.

The skiff sails very well.  It takes very little air to move her.  She has no weather helm and accelerates quickly on the puffs.  She needs constant attention on tiller and sheet as expected in a small skiff.  She is fairly tender and of course flat bottomed, so you need to be very careful to use your body weight to keep her with only a slight heel.  I would say she points moderately but not hard on the wind. And if you can move quickly she can tack quickly.

The fairly big rudder is great as you can really work her quickly and she turns on a dime.  Off the wind, partially lifting the daggerboard adds some speed.  But watch out for gusts! She heels up quick too.  I found that as an ahem older person, the easiest thing to do is place the thwart about at the after oarlocks, sit facing forward and slide back and forth to keep the boat with less than 5degree heel.  That means leeward arm behind you and sheet in windward hand.  
I only tipped her once - at the dock, leaning over the bow to undo the bow line.  I.E not much stability if you lean over the forward rail idiot!  But other than that only got my feet wet a couple of times  wear a life vest though.

Lots of fun! Sail well everyone.


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RE: A summer of sailing my Jimmy Skiff II

   Thanks for the terrific report on the JS II sailing capability. I am wondering about that. We expect to be ready to sail ours in May/Jun of 2022. 

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