Resin and hardener still usable?

I've been away from my boat for several months, and just went back to finish up work on the outside of the hull. My work area is in a basement that tends to stay cool.

I started to mix some epoxy, and noticed that the resin was cloudy, and the hardener was yellowish, (both from MAS). This doesn't seem right, and being very conservative about messing things up, I decided to not continue.

What happened to my resin and hardener? Is this stuff still usable?

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RE: Resin and hardener still usable?

   Short answer, yes they're both still good. If the resin gets too cool solids will start to precipitate out. Fill a sink or a bucket with hot water and place the container in it till it warms up and the solids will go back into solution. Swirl it occasionally to help the process. And the hardener will turn amber over time but will still work. Depending on how dark it is it may add a tint to your boat. I generally use it for fillets or in hatch areas that nobody sees. Sounds like yours isn't dark enough to make much of a difference on the finished appearance. 

Have fun!

George K

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