Precipitate in epoxy hardener

Down to the last few ounces of MAS slow hardener in the jug that came with my MC16 kit and the pump was sucking air, so I poured it into a cup to get at it.  The hardener has what looks like a white precipitate, making it cloudy and somewhat concerning re. performance.  Looks related to the bit of that accumulates as drips on the pump spout.  No temperature extremes, BTW.

It’s only been a few months since this container was opened.  Accompanying resin is fine.

Is this normal?  I wouldn’t use it in a showing surface, but for interior or glue?  What experience has the group had?

(BTW, ordered an additional qt resin + pt hardener to assure I can finish last details, so it’s not as though I’m stuck…)

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RE: Precipitate in epoxy hardener

what you are describing is normal.

you do want to keep these sealed and not exposed in an open cup for any length of time.  all that said, if you do a test mix with the resin and it hardens and looks fine after applied, you are ok.

fwiw, what you will find is that the tint you see in a cup rarely will show on a surface....becuase the surface application is very thin.  so i would not rule it out on a 'showing surface' unless a test shows you that it makes a difference.

the other tip i would offer is after you use the pumps each day, just take an inch or so of blue painters tape and cover the open ends of the pump to keep the air out of them.  it really keeps things neat and prevent that gunk you are describing from developing..

hope that helps



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