Custom Tank Tops (Tandem Wherry)

I'm interested in making a custom (inlay/patterned) panel for the fore and aft tank tops on my Annapolis Wherry Tandem. I've just unboxed (and un-taped!!) the kit. It's my first boat build, but I'm an OK woodworker. I am thinking I could plane strips of an appropriate wood to about 3/8", glue them up into a panel, then use the supplied tank tops to stencil an outline and cut out replacement parts. (1) Will I need to make adjustments (early on in the build) to accommodate thicker tank top panels? (2) Any suggestions about "building" the custom panel vs layering on on top of the supplied plywood panel? 

I know this will all make more sense when the hull comes together, but I don't want to get to a point where it's too late to make room for some extra-thick panels. In theory I could router out the design from the existing panel and do a custom inlay, but I've never done that sort of thing. 

I'm going to do the spacered inwhales, if that matters. 

thank you!







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RE: Custom Tank Tops (Tandem Wherry)

   You can also use veneers over the supplied tops. That'll only add 1/32" or so to your thickness. You could also do an onlay as opposed to an inlay. Easier to do and once the epoxy fill coats are applied and sanded it will look like an inlay. 

George K

RE: Custom Tank Tops (Tandem Wherry)

I replaced the ply tank tops and center seat top with a strip pattern made from 1/4" cedar strips and covered on both sides with 4oz glass.  I made the blanks on a flat table then cut to shape using the plywood peices from the kit as a template.  If the tanks are never used as seats, I bet that you could save some weight by going with even thinner wood.


RE: Custom Tank Tops (Tandem Wherry)

Thanks GeorgeK, veneers sound like a good idea. 

MarkN, that looks real nice. Did you do something special with the rails? I see the spacered inwhales, but looks like you have a plywood (dark) section, a light section, then another dark section. Looks sharp. 



RE: Custom Tank Tops (Tandem Wherry)

The center dark strip is just the ply end grain (no rabbits for me).  The outer dark wood is a mahogany cap that is more collision resistant.


RE: Custom Tank Tops (Tandem Wherry)

Veneers can also be used to cover the pre-installed tops. This will only add about 1/32" to your thickness. Instead of an inlay, you might do an onlay. It's easier to do, plus it'll look like an inlay once the epoxy fill layers are done and sanded.

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