PMD misc wire and filleting questions

After a lot of angst "stitching and fitting" and no small part of jiggling, I am about ready to start filleting my PMD and have a few questions:

1) I plan to remove the wires but the manual is a bit unclear when in the build this is done.  I assume that the correct time is after the 2 inch tacks on the bottom are put down before the boat is flipped back to right side up.  Is this correct?

Re the inside:

2) The manual instructs that thin fillets be put down between the bottom panel and hull panel #1 but seems silent about the other hull "seams".  Do fillets get put down between 1/2, 2/3 and 3/4 or are the filllets on the bottom of the boat sufficient? For the most part these seams fit flush to one another so any fillet would effectively go on top of the joints is that correct?

3) Some of the hull pieces, in certain spots - mostly in the bow end, are not fitting flush but rather are at slightly different elevations.  Is this a problem?  If so, I'm not sure how to remedy that.

4) Finally, notwithstanding my last question, there are a few places, especially near the bow end between the hull bottom and #1 panel where th panel is not fitting flush and actually reveals some of the rabbited edge.  Thi sis not eveident when viewed from the bottom.I assume this will get filled in by the fillet but I don't know if it is something to be concerned about.  Thoughts?

Thanks much  Bruce


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