Bungee Cord Mounts

My Petrel Play SG is coming along.  Ready to install the seat and bungee cord.   I do have a couple of  question  to install the tie downs for the bungee cords. (none came with kit)

I would like to know the pro and cons for the following:

1.  Using nylon web vs pad eyelet

2,  using rivits verses screws with nuts

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RE: Bungee Cord Mounts

Web loop is cheaper than a pad eye and softer. The latter is important when doing wet re-entries.

Screws and bolts with nuts are much easier to remove and replace than rivets when refinishing the boat. It's a lot easier to refinish without all the hardware in the way.


RE: Bungee Cord Mounts

Ditto lazlo's comments.

webbing is straightforward, and looks nice if you are attentive to their fabrication.  they are definitely easy on your body if you have to drag yourself over them.

on attaching, definitely go with screws/bolts...rivets are not your friend when you have to remove a fitting.  

if you have not worked with webbing before, it is a lot easier to get a clean and neat result if you have a soldering iron with a cutting tip.  link below shows what i mean but is not an endorsement of this particular product/amazon:


 also you want a sodering iron with a pointy tip to make the hole in the webbing for the bolt.  it gets pretty messy working with webbing using scissors or trying to force a hole into it.


RE: Bungee Cord Mounts

   Ditto to all of the above. One tool to add...this is my favorite for cutting bungees, deck line or webbing. Pricey but worth it if you plan on building multiple boats.



RE: Bungee Cord Mounts

   Thanks for all the input.  I went with web and screws.

Didnt have a soldering iron....so used philps screw driver and a candle.  Made nice clean holes in webbing.

RE: Bungee Cord Mounts

   Use brass or stainless hardware, aka screws.  Steel is not your friend. 

RE: Bungee Cord Mounts

   ...and some sealant under the screw.  I use 3m  4200.

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