Decision help, next build...

So, I have now had my Skerry for 6 months. I love her. Taking her out on the water during the crisp and breezy months has been even better. Heck having a trailer and all weather cover come in the last two months has made it even easier to get going.

My problem is that I have a bunch of kids (6) and while they where not interested at first they all now have the sailing bug and want to go out with my all the time.

So, given that the skerry doesn't really fit 7 (8with my wife who now feels compelled to go on the family outings) I need to consider a fleet or a larger boat.

​Before this I was thinking about a modified and enlarged and modified Faering that I could take out for a long weekend or maybe even longer. (replacing the water ballast with batteries and adding some solar panels for back up motor with a few other amenities for long trip needs) but now I wonder if a truly massive build to take the whole family out for a day might be the better play.

I do like the nordic style boats like the skerry and the faering, and while I would prefer something along those lines I would gladly take a better suit for the family.

Has anyone undertaken a larger build? Could something akin to a wider longer faering with a cabin for 2 and a larger outside seating area work for a larger day crew?

your knowledge and expertise is appreciated in advance.

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RE: Decision help, next build...

Sounds to me like someone wants a Pocketship. The cabin will hold 2, as will the quarterberths under the seats and the cockpit is so roomy that it feels like a much larger boat.

Eventually, though, I think that as the kids get bigger a fleet will become necessary unless you go to a full-size keel boat.

Maybe the best compromise is a Pocketship for use until they get too big and as a mothership to a fleet of 8-ft prams when they do.

If you're really set on a Nordic design, there's the Gislinge Boat when it's ready to buy as a kit.


RE: Decision help, next build...

Maybe, the Southwester Dory would work. It's a big boat and would hold the whole family . . . or a goodly chunk of it.   

RE: Decision help, next build...

   Family of 8? need a "war canoe" or a "dragon boat". 

RE: Decision help, next build...

   Thank you all!

With the 8 the southwester dory would work well until one of them goes through a growth spurt. with all of us we would be at the max weight now. Plus cramming them that tightly would make any boat a war canoe!

The Gislinge interests me for many reasons, and I await it's prime time launch!

I was thinking that a larger version of the faering with extra floatation and the cabin moved from aft to forward would bring the payload up to 1000+ lbs. (it would also give the guys at clc a bit of work to design!) there might not even be that much work as it would be similar to john's faering

I am basically trying to talk myself out of a truly epic build (like the mullet also in the sketchbook), mostly because I love my wife and want to keep her, but also because the shop space and transportation are made much more difficult with a larger build.

For a fleet, transportation in one of the biggest concerns. any ideas on how to transport several sailing boats on one trailer? Maybe build some large canoes with a sail rig?

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