CLC Guider

I am building the Guider.  I love the way this boat looks and It is awesome how fast it comes together.  This is the 7th boat I have built and my first boat from a kit.  Previously my boats were from plans and some were my own designs.  The largest boat I have built so far is a 30-foot cold-molded sloop. 

I love to modify things and this CLC Guider is no exception.  If you're curious to see and hear what I am doing you can find a video playlist on YouTube here: 

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RE: CLC Guider

Thank you for posting this!  I'm always looking for boat building content.  Subscribed!

RE: CLC Guider

   Thanks for showing your redesign. I like the extended cabin area. I have been looking for a design with a mizzen. It seems that it would be easier to keep balanced. Have you had the chance to take her out?

RE: CLC Guider

I like your mods! I can visualize an extensive reworking of the interior to give the Guider a nice, integrated cuddy cabin for sleeping. (It'd be too small for much more than sleeping.) The cuddy needs to be built very lightly to avoid center-of-gravity issues.

Speaking of, don't neglect the ballast. 200lbs of lead is specified, 100lbs on either side of the CB trunk under the floorboards. The boat needs it.

The single balanced lug was designed at John Guider's request, to simplify sail handling as much as possible.

However, I always saw the Guider as a yawl. As a result, everything is already in place in the structure to add the mizzen mast. The main mast uses the same mast step as the lugger.

CLC Guider Camp Cruiser Yawl

The Guider's sheerline always looks really deep in elevation drawings. It's there for functional reasons: the bow needed to be high enough to punch through nasty waves on the R2AK course, but the oarloacks needed to be low enough to the water to work with stock 9'6" oars. So, high at the bow and stern, low admidships. Completely functional, though a very distinctively curvy boat!

RE: CLC Guider

Oooo...she does make a jaunty looking yawl, John!  Perhaps even more so with a gaff mainsail like PocketShip?  She'd be snug as a bug in a rug going along in snotty weather under jib and jigger.

You do have a fine eye for good lookin' boats there, John.  The world can always use more good lookin' boats.  <;-)


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