I did it, I bought my second clc

So, while I will continue to debate my third sail boat build I have ventured fourth and bought the CLC shearwater sport sectional kayak. (they may be a bit perplexed with my purchase of another set of oar locks but eh)

I chose a kayak because a few of the male friends I have go out and kayak but have not been interested in sailing, so I figure I can build to join them. I had thought about an ultralight skin on frame but really wanted the ability to just toss everything I need into the car and go without fiddling. the sectional seems perfect for this.

I'll give the occasional update and likely the occasional question but just thought I would share, anyone who is also building this we may be able to do a "cohort" build.

I am also pleased to be making greenland paddles, I might make a few of them just for fun!

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RE: I did it, I bought my second clc

   I did it!

I also clicked submit twice!

RE: I did it, I bought my second clc

   I'm in the middle of building the sectional now.  This is my first build, so I wouldn't be surprised if you caught up to me.

RE: I did it, I bought my second clc

Absolutely nothing wrong with a mix of kayaks and sailboats. I currently have 2 of each and am building a sail rig for one of my kayaks.  

Have fun,



RE: I did it, I bought my second clc

   Laszlo, A sail rig and a Rhode Runner? You are a busy man!

Elb, Mine wont come until January, so plenty of time to cut your boat to pieces and finish ;)

I plan to get mine done around Easter, but unemployment has been really busy and I might end up pushing that back further if things go as they are.

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