Millcree 13

I'm at the decking stage in this build and am finding the front deck quite a challenge. This is my 4th boat and I've never had to bend plywood as required to get this section in place; I'm afraid of it breaking. My Chesapeake 17 decking was a dream compared to this. I'm finding the cinch straps don't want to stay in place they slip toward the ends of the boat, kind of like trying to keep your socks up. I'm working alone so I've resorted to using "poke sticks" w/wood blocks against the hull and jambed into the floor joists above, don't know if that's going to work; undercoating the bottom of the deck, marking for the nail placement, installing the "stickum" along the hull contact lines, placing the deck to keep it located w/o disturbing the "stickum" below, hoping the nails hold as you continue down the hull.

After 4 boats, maybe I'm just getting too old......82

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RE: Millcree 13

   I hear your heart! Can I ask how you got the deck out of one sheet of 8 x4 3mm ply ? I am building from Wooden Boat and it says one sheet ? Did you manage that ?

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