Autumn Leaves boat build blog started

Hello all, for anyone interested in my (slow) progress building Autumn Leaves from a kit, here's the link for a blog I've started on it - .  Feel free to stop by for a look.  Always eager for ideas and suggestions.  Cheers, Brad

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RE: Autumn Leaves boat build blog started

Thanks for sharing.  I look forward to following your progress.

I'm glad to know that I'm not the only person building in "living" space -- I'm working in the finished basement.  Good thing I'm making a sectional, since I wouldn't be able to get it up the stairs otherwise.  Do you live by yourself?  My family has been very tolerant of my taking over the space -- although I will move it outside when I get to the varnish stage, since I don't want to poison everyone.

RE: Autumn Leaves boat build blog started

So that's how it's done! Turn two rooms of your house into parts prep rooms . . . and then do all the building on a deck out back.

I envy you ability to repurpose your house!   

RE: Autumn Leaves boat build blog started

   Yes, it was either the House, or the Boat, and the Boat won!  Who needs a den or living room anyway.  Maybe I'll have that back door expanded to something like French double-doors so that Autumn Leaves could remain indoors during the build.

RE: Autumn Leaves boat build blog started

...and a good place to store her in the off season, if she isn't in commission year round.  It'd make a great conversation piece as a serving buffet for Thanksgiving dinners, young children would have no end of fun playing at pirates and such, and you'd have a great reading room to which one might retire in piece with a good book..  <;-)


RE: Autumn Leaves boat build blog started

   Hey Brad, how's it coming?  Would love to see the progress you've made!


RE: Autumn Leaves boat build blog started

JFTee, thanks for asking.  Progress has been slow, but steady.   So far have managed to epoxy coat all 7 bulkheads, some of the 6 side hull pieces, and the bilge board trunks and boards.  I've finished cleating "The Box" bulkheads, which are #'s 3, 4 and 5.  Last night I figured out what the Plans want as far as constructing the bilgeboard Trunks goes.  The two Trunks form the outer sides of the bulkheads that make up the Box.  Inside those Trunks will go the Bilge Boards.  These are Autumn Leaves' retractable keels, one on each side of the cockpit, as this boat has no fixed keel other than the skeg.  Once I finish making the Trunks, I'll have to move operations out of the Boat Room (formerly the living room), out onto the outdoor deck, because The Box, once constructed, will simply be too big, once completed, to fit through the door of the house.  Once the Box is constructed, the idea is to then wrap (and then attach) the some 19' length of each of the two hull sides around The Box, which is situated in the middle of the boat.  I guess it is at that point, where all the prior steps, for the first time, actually resemble something looking slightly familiar:  A Boat.  

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