Old epoxy

Coming back to a long-abandoned project that  I mentioned in an earlier post.  Sanded down a bunch of air bubbles under the partially glassed hull of a Shearwater Sport.  Went to apply epoxy to the sanded spots but got concerned about my approx 5 yr old epoxy.  It's been stored in a central Florida garage all this time, so never frozen, but got pretty hot.

The resin is clear, but the hardener is dark brown.  Mixed up a tablespoonful to brush on the sanded spots, but figured I'd hold off til I checked with the experts.  Does this sound right or do I need new epoxy?  Or at least new hardener?  I left that tablespoonful in the little plastic mixing container, so I'll know tomorrow if it hardens.  But I but don't know if that necessarily means that it's good.

As always, would appreciate any advice.


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RE: Old epoxy

in my experience using lots of old epoxy, if it hardens, it's good.

that said, you can always call MAS technical support for their perspective as well. 


RE: Old epoxy

Here's an old (2009) thread that gives a more detailed answer, but the executive summary is that Howard is right.

Old thread about old hardener



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