Sanding after removing fiberglass


Due to inexperience, poor temperature control, and trying to do too much at once, I ended up with a fugly fiberglass application on the inside of one compartment in my NE dory. It contained a multitude of sins. Since I want to finish her bright if I can, I removed the entire offending piece with a heat gun. Now I have two questions:

1. Do I need to sand the residual expoxy all the way to bare wood before re-applying the fiberglass?  Or would it be acceptable to sand it smooth, and scuff it a bit to help bond the new epoxy to the old?

2.  The manual says the filleting and interior fiberglass if should be done in one session, which resulted in an 11 hour day for me, working solo.  The manual also says "You'll want to saturate all of the fabric in the boat before the fillets have cured."  If this is critical I suppose I could widen the fillets a bit with fresh material.  Any advice would be much appreciated.

Not excusing any of my mistakes, that was a long day.  And in retrospect I wonder if I could have found a way to break the process up without causing problems down the line.



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RE: Sanding after removing fiberglass

If the multitude of sins doesn't include non-setting epoxy, I'd think roughing it up to promote adhesion would be sufficient.  I had to remove a section of fiberglass due to bad epoxy, and then I tried to remove as much of the epoxy as possble.

RE: Sanding after removing fiberglass

   Thanks for the reply. The epoxy set up fine, but I had multiple spots that looked like what I've seen referred to as "out-gassing" and several places where the fiberglass floated up.  By the time I dealt with all of those areas, it seemed better to take it out and try again.  So, I'll smooth out any spots that need smoothing and carry on. Your input is much appreciated. Happy New Year!

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