Question on spot gluing Shearwater

The instructions call for spot gluing hull and deck. I understand that these glue spots are small such that they are buried in the subsequent fillets.  What do you do in the bow and stern where the bottom and side panels are almost on the same plane and therefore leave no area for a spot (much less a fillet) without it interfering with subsequent fiberglass tape?  I feel like if I spot glue it, there will be bumps under the fiberglass tape that will prevent it from lying flat.  I'd love to know what others do here.  I know that some use CÁ glue.  I'm considering "spot gluing" with small pieces of 1" fiberglass tape they could easily be covered with the 3" tape. 
Also, the hull and deck are spot glued at the same time and wired together to assure a good fit.  Doesn't this create a potential mess if the deck glue drips down into the hull?


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RE: Question on spot gluing Shearwater

I believe the manual suggests that the fiberglass tape stop a little before the very tips -- this is going to get covered by the end pour eventually, and there's really not enough room to tape all of the joins..  

I found a heavy duty trash bag worked well to protect the hatches and cockpit from drips.  But I also accepted that no one but me is ever going to see the inside of the hatches and they don't have to be perfect.  

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