PMD fiberglassing

Other than the general intro pages in the manual, the instructions are not explicit about filling the weave with multiple coats of epoxy.  They imply one and done but I doubt that is correct and am just looking for confirmation.  Also, light sanding after the first and subsequent coats?  That is my recollection from my Ch 17 but I don't want to rely on my memory.  Finally, guidance is th3 same for both interior and exterior fiberglass?  Thanks.


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RE: PMD fiberglassing

Hi Bruce, 

yes, unless you want a textured surface, you will need to fill the weave with multiple coats of epoxy.

no sanding is necessary if you are using MAS no blush epoxy and doing your fill coats prior to the the prior coat being fully cured...and frankly, unless something is really put away for a long time, i don't bother 'sanding' between coats of epoxy.  that said, typical time for filling with no 'sanding' is 48 hours.   and sanding can be replaced with abraiding the surface with a scotch brite pad.

i find typically can get it done with two fill coats, then sand...then maybe a final coat of epoxy for any bits i missed.

RE: PMD fiberglassing

Hey Bruce,

Have you explored the CLC website's "Tips for Boatbuilders?" There's an entry titled

Filling the Weave that as someone new to fiberglass and epoxy I found pretty useful.


RE: PMD fiberglassing

   Thanks.  I read the "tips" several times before my Ch 17 build and found them very useful. It's been a while so I guess I should review.  I knew that filling the weave was probably called for. - just found it odd that the manual seemed to skip that step.

On  the subject of epoxy, is there a recommended step in the PMD build where the non-fiberglassed interior gets coated?  I didn't see that specified either.  Thanks


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