Experience with the Rhode Runner?


I'm strongly considering tackling the Rhode Runner as my next project (I have a Pocketship under my belt already). Not much posted on the internet about her, unfortunately. I've seen a pictures on this site of some beautiful builds though. Anybody on this forum build one (or are in the process) and mind sharing their opinion on layout, performance, comfort, etc? Someone should start a build blog (maybe me!)

I don't have any experience at all with power boats so am at a disadvantage when weighing pros/cons of different designs. Decking in the bow costs you floor space but (maybe?) helps with seaworthiness? I'll be exclusively on a medium-sized lake or rarely the ICW/protected waterways, so big waves aren't a huge concern. I love the look of the "runabout", but I guess I need to decide whether I am willing to surrender the extra space to go from the "Peeler Skiff" type layout to this type of design. I'd love to hear opinions from anyone who has them!


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