fiberglass fix


So the incessant high plains winds of Colorado are to blame for some damage to my Kaholo 12-6. It was either my elbow or my paddle that crushed a section of the deck when a gust took me clear off my feet last weekend.

I also can't determine if the dent/crack that's there extends all the way to the wood or if it's just a dent/crack in the varnish or a dent/crack in the glass. It's hard to see in the pictures but there is definitely a depression along with the visible damage. If you look closely you can see the weave of the glass in a portion of the damage. 

Curious the best route to take to repair and if I should avoid water until it is repaired (again, I can't really tell if the damage extends all the way to the wood)



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RE: fiberglass fix

   I've been on this forum for 15 years and still can't post pictures on the first attempt:)

RE: fiberglass fix

Your photo links do not work.

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