Does anybody have a suggestion for a company that will insure a homemade boat?


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RE: Insurance

   Call your insurance company and/or start dialing. Every Company and State has different rules for coverage.


RE: Insurance

   I have USAA insurance for most needs.  I had to do some research, but found out that Markel Insurance has a relationship with USAA to provide coverage for home made watercraft.

And I don't think you have to associate with USAA to get insurance with Markel, in any case.  Insurance on my new Rhode Runner wasn't as low as I would have hoped, but I wasn't going to go without. I've now been underway 6 times, and I think that means I'm down to about $100/excursion for insurance.  I'll have to keep getting underway to lower that per-excursion calculation I keep doing in my head! :) 

If you check your homeowners policy I think it will at least cover theft (and damage while stored at your home) on any small paddle/sail-operated vessels, if that is all you are interested in.

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